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Welcome to the ‘Have Your Say’ section. We have received thousands of comments on articles over the years, but here is a chance for you to set the agenda.

Cuffelinks often receives emails from readers offering opinions on subjects not directly related to any article, including feedback on the weekly editorial in the newsletter.

While Cuffelinks is not licensed to give person financial advice and often cannot respond directly, ‘Have Your Say’ is a place where you can share your opinion and engage with each other.

We also receive many approaches from market experts, especially fund managers, wanting to write articles and asking what topics to cover. Raise any subjects you would like addressed.

You can also include comments about Cuffelinks itself. Do we cover some subjects too much? Not enough? Too complicated? Too simple? Articles too long?

Comments must meet our community standards of no product flog and no personal attacks. Keep it respectful and constructive.

Of course, comments relating to a specific article should be posted with that article.

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