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What are we?

Cuffelinks is an independent publisher providing content written by financial market professionals with experience in wealth management, superannuation, banking, academia and financial advice. Its Principals are investors and practitioners with long careers in senior management positions, and along with our successes, we have made our fair share of mistakes. We want to share both the knowledge and the battle scars. We want a community of investors which discusses ideas from an informed and impartial point of view, without pushing products or promoting services.

Cuffelinks does not publish breaking news or stories on executive appointments, nor make short term pronouncements on macro forecasts which rely heavily on predicting local or global economic or political events, which we consider little more than noise and guesswork. We are not short term stock pickers, other than in the context of illustrating particular portfolio ideas. However, we do write about long term themes and views on long term opportunities, preferably through investment cycles.

The finance world is littered with newsletters and websites giving hundreds of stock selections and market predictions, often contradicting each other, and subject to constant reframing as the next bit of unexpected news hits the market.

What can you do?

We want fresh ideas, great writing, quality journalism, well-researched opinions and accurate arguments. You are welcome to comment on existing articles, or contribute an original piece.

Cuffelinks accepts both solicited and unsolicited articles on a wide range of subjects relating to investing and superannuation. However, you should be a market expert in your field, not someone who simply wants to promote their own blog and access our readership. Contributions should not be written in highly technical language which the majority of non-professional investors would struggle to understand. Articles must be independent and not promoting or advertising a specific product. However, they may take a view on a type of structure, security or product which may have specific or general application, and examples are acceptable if we do not consider the context overly-promotional.

Articles must be original content not widely-published previously. We accept the content may already have appeared on the author’s own website and distributed to their own clients, but not in other newsletters.

We are not trying to dumb down our content to the lowest common denominator, but articles must be interesting, relevant and understandable for readers who are not market professionals, but are engaged in managing their investments.

What are our requirements?

Articles should be around 1,000 words, with a maximum of about 1,250. Longer pieces will be considered where we accept that the type of article demands it. Please write in Microsoft Word, without columns or complex formatting. Contributors should avoid footnotes, little-known acronyms, financial jargon or articles which are similar to other pieces already published on our website. Generally, contributions should target an Australian reader and be accurate for Australian law and regulations.

Contributors may hold securities or investments that they mention in their articles but this should be acknowledged at the end of the article.

Cuffelinks does not necessarily endorse or agree with the opinions or recommendations that we publish. The writer or an organisation will be listed on every article.

We may ask for references to be checked or clarified, and articles may be edited or require redrafting. Quotations from external material should be used sparingly, and references to previously published items should use links with summary paragraphs, not direct downloads of the content.

Contributors warrant that their work is original, other than any acknowledgements in the text, and it does not defame anyone or breach copyright. Please see our Community Rules Policy on acceptable standards to avoid offensive or inappropriate material.

If your work is unsolicited, please send a one paragraph summary of the article in the first instance to [email protected]

How do we thank you?

Cuffelinks is a community of investors sharing ideas, and we offer an outlet for experienced writers to air their opinions. We do not pay for contributions. To encourage a wide readership and to ensure our independence, we do not charge readers a subscription fee nor collect product-related fees.

In addition to having their opinion reach a wide audience of engaged readers, we write a brief note about each Contributor at the end of the article and provide a link to a business, personal or charity website.

Copyright remains with the Contributor but Cuffelinks has an unlimited right to republish, including selling the content. To a limited extent and no systematically, articles may be reproduced elsewhere but Cuffelinks must be attributed with first publication with the author and their company identified.

Not licenced to provide personal financial advice

Articles may contain general financial product information, but Cuffelinks Pty Ltd is a publishing service and does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence. We are not authorised to provide personal financial advice. Cuffelinks Pty Ltd accepts no liability for any actions taken by Contributors or readers as a result of material published on our web site or contained in the related newsletter. Readers should be aware that investments mentioned in any articles may not be suitable for them, and may be subject to a variety of market risks. Cuffelinks is not attempting to influence the sale or purchase of any securities, and all readers should obtain personal independent financial advice.


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