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Large funds need to earn retirement loyalty

A clear challenge for superannuation funds is improving customer loyalty as they transition from accumulation phase to pension phase. There is not enough urgency in addressing member retention at this crucial moment.

super fund directors

Super fund directors and Independents’ Day

The mandating of independent directors for Australian super funds is facing resistance. While it’s difficult to define ‘independence’, global experts on board governance provide support for the government’s stance.

risk aversion

Risk aversion in practice in large funds and SMSFs

Financial risk aversion defines our attitudes to taking financial risk. Your style of risk aversion could be relative or absolute or a bit of both. It’s good to recognise your own tendencies for the benefit of your portfolio.

Some challenges ahead for 2015

Every investor has questions they are pondering at any point in time. In 2015, finding value in the market, explaining how to think about risk and the design of solutions for the post-retirement phase are three major issues.

Is APRA’s Standard Risk Measure helpful?

Super fund Product Disclosure Statements now include a measure of risk called the ‘Standard Risk Measure’, or SRM, but it has some important shortcomings, especially ignoring the size of losses.

Lost super now $17 billion

* ATO recently estimated that $17 billion of superannuation has been lost by members. Check ato.gov.au to see if some of it is yours.

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