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Can small be beautiful in super?

Are there investment opportunities out there that only small funds can capitalise on? Being small has some advantages over larger funds which can be used to stand out in an overcrowded industry.

SMSF borrowing and residential property

This submission to the FSI shows the effect of gearing on returns, the ways agents target SMSFs and the modest income returns from residential property. And on cue, the latest spruiking leaflet arrived in the mail.

Just what is a re-contribution strategy?

A withdrawal and re-contribution strategy involves accessing your super and re-contributing some or all of it back into your SMSF as a non-concessional contribution (i.e. all tax-free).

Roy Morgan switching super

Superannuation switching intentions

* Roy Morgan Research says almost 7% of investors in retail super funds are ‘very likely’ to switch to another fund in the next year. Here’s the chart featuring all major super providers.

Why only four members in an SMSF?

My extended family has well in excess of four people in it and we currently have four separate SMSF’s which quadruples the costs and time involved in managing the funds. Why is there a limit on the number of fund members?

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