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US Government shut-down – been there, done that

The current US budget crisis will not be the first time its government has run out of money. Scary as this may sound to investors, the impact on markets of recent government shutdowns was different to what many expected.

ATO to increase surveillance of SMSFs

The ATO will step up surveillance of SMSFs in 2013/14, and trustees need to ensure their fund is compliant. There are rules around the acquisition of assets, especially related party transactions.

SMSF supervisory levy rising quickly

* The ATO supervisory levy on SMSFs is rising rapidly from the current $191, to $259 in 2013/2014 (or effectively $388 with advance payments). And a surprising $518 for a new fund.

Overview of global fund investment trends

The big global trends in funds management are a move from equities to fixed interest, from active to index, a reduction in fund commissions, and increased dominance of the biggest managers.

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