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The future of pension management

The future of pension and superannuation systems will involve innovation in product design, improvements in regulation, and the use of smarter investment strategies to achieve the long-term goal of funding retirement.

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Survey of attitudes to taxing pension earnings

A survey of high net worth people – those who would be adversely affected by a tax on super earnings in pension phase – showed many were willing to accept such a policy, but not without a healthy level of qualification.

Does insurance belong in super?

There is little written about why insurance came to be included in the superannuation system. It might address the problem of under-insurance but it’s a poor fit with superannuation’s core purpose of funding retirement.

The ‘new normal’ and demographic change

Using interactive graphics, we can model the impact of changing demographics on economic growth for all major countries. Will lower growth become the ‘new normal’ due to an ageing population?

Retirement: who’s a happy little Vegemite?

Retirement often receives bad press, but whether or not you enjoy this life phase usually depends on the choices created. It’s a nuanced and diverse experience and many welcome the sudden freedom.

Getting the most from your age pension

Your age pension entitlement is assessed under the Income Test, and it may be worth re-setting the deductible amount to improve your pension payments if it’s been a while since the last calculation.

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