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7 strategies to manage a loss of franking

Much has been written about Labor’s franking policy, so we bring together a range of possible strategies. It’s likely that even if implemented, it will not be in its current guise, so anyone affected should wait before taking action.

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How is 2019 different from 2018?

The rise in bond rates in the US in 2018 has tilted investment opportunities away from the easy choice of collecting higher dividends on shares, and now, greater prudence is required.

bond investors

Opportunities in tech sectors in Asia

Technological innovation is transforming industry. Asia is where much of it is happening. But traditional portfolio approaches need amending to take full advantage of opportunities in the tech-enabled sector.


How to use factors to tailor your investing

The concept of factor investing has been around for decades and features in many portfolios. A considered and patient use of factors can enhance investment performance but not short term in all market conditions.


Opportunity knocks in global small caps

Global small caps have outperformed large caps over the last 15 years, and offer sector and country diversity for Australian investors worthy of a small allocation in a portfolio, modelled at about 5%.

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Are you an informed or a naive investor?

Everyone can be a naive investor at times, even the professionals. Outside of a sphere of expertise, the quality of investment decisions can suffer. Try to avoid being the ‘patsy’ in a transaction.

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Three rules to invest by

Here are three simple investment rules that should see you through the volatile times, or indeed all times. But for starters, it’s a good idea to have a plan, and a portfolio that suits you.

Investing and jogging for the long run

There are more than a few similarities between running and investing. Success in either discipline is about having specific goals and strategies, avoiding the big risks, and not diverting from your plan.

Respect for markets and judging HFT

A report card from AQR’s tenth anniversary seminar in Sydney covering two of the presentations. One on market respect and strategy, the other in defence of High Frequency Trading and the role it plays.

Financial education and thanks to Noel Whittaker

Noel Whittaker kindly did a great write up of Cuffelinks in his own newsletter, which led to a surge in new registrations. He said, “The people behind Cuffelinks have high integrity, top skills, a great reputation, and share my passion for financial education. I know you will gain a lot from becoming a subscriber.” Noel’s excellent free newsletter has been published for 15 years, and you can subscribe on noelwhittaker.com.au, where he also has several useful calculators.

Who said these famous quotations?

Some of our best investing insights come from a few words issued by the most famous people in financial markets (or elsewhere). Do you know who said these gems?

Too much jam: the consequences of choice overload

It’s too simple to assume that more choice is better for consumers and investors. It can lead to indecision and inaction, and yet some platforms persist in adding dozens of funds each year to an already vast range.

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