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HILDA financial literacy

Are Cuffelinks readers smarter than average?

The 2018 HILDA Survey included five questions aimed at measuring financial literacy. We have replicated these in Cuffelinks’ own quiz to compare our readership’s results with that of the rest of Australia.

modern investor

Portrait of a modern investor

The modern investor has access to many products but the level of financial literacy struggles to keep pace leading to confusion and conflicted goals. This study shows the types of conversations investors should have with advisers.

financial literacy

A sombre reflection on financial literacy

People with low levels of financial literacy have a greater likelihood of making financial mistakes, including being misled or defrauded. The financial services industry should work to address this.

Some challenges ahead for 2015

Every investor has questions they are pondering at any point in time. In 2015, finding value in the market, explaining how to think about risk and the design of solutions for the post-retirement phase are three major issues.

Financial education and thanks to Noel Whittaker

Noel Whittaker kindly did a great write up of Cuffelinks in his own newsletter, which led to a surge in new registrations. He said, “The people behind Cuffelinks have high integrity, top skills, a great reputation, and share my passion for financial education. I know you will gain a lot from becoming a subscriber.” Noel’s excellent free newsletter has been published for 15 years, and you can subscribe on noelwhittaker.com.au, where he also has several useful calculators.

Do clients understand what advisers are saying?

Financial literacy levels in Australia and around the world are worryingly low, which impacts the way financial advice is received and understood. Is the message getting through, or should advisers give clients this simple test?

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