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How property spruikers target SMSFs

SMSFs are being targeted by property marketers, but is a single, illiquid investment a good super strategy, with its associated leverage? ASIC is worried SMSF trustees are not seeing the full picture, so we went looking.

superannuation changes

Changes are coming to superannuation

Although nothing clear has been announced, adverse changes are coming to superannuation, especially for people with large balances. And they want retirees to spend more, not leave bequests.

journal entry

Survey of attitudes to taxing pension earnings

A survey of high net worth people – those who would be adversely affected by a tax on super earnings in pension phase – showed many were willing to accept such a policy, but not without a healthy level of qualification.

What will super look like in 40 years?

David Murray and Don Russell spoke at a leadership forum as part of the SMSF Association’s 2015 Conference on the future of Australia’s retirement income system. They included many valuable insights.

Retirement system begging for reform

Much attention has been drawn recently to the high cost of the Australian superannuation system compared with pension systems overseas, with retirement outcomes often overlooked. What should we be striving for?

The most complex super system in the world

Australia has a world-class superannuation system, but it is also the most complex. From insurances to estate provisions to the many different forms of contributions and withdrawals, we should try to ‘keep it simple’.

Grattan and the fuss about Chile’s pensions

A suggestion from the Grattan Institute that Australia’s superannuation system could use Chile’s default fund auction method to create competition between funds and reduce fees has generated a lot of media attention.

Roy Morgan switching super

Superannuation switching intentions

* Roy Morgan Research says almost 7% of investors in retail super funds are ‘very likely’ to switch to another fund in the next year. Here’s the chart featuring all major super providers.

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