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NAOS Asset Management is a specialist fund manager providing genuine, concentrated exposure to Australian listed industrial companies outside of the ASX 50. With a proven performance track record, NAOS maintains a focus on protecting capital and aims to deliver shareholders a sustainable growing stream of dividends franked to the maximum extent possible, whilst providing capital growth over the longer term. Visit for more information.


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micro-caps; disconnect; WAAAX

WAAAX and an extraordinary disconnect

Frustratingly for investors in micro-caps, the larger companies which now include the WAAAX market darlings are running quickly ahead of their smaller cousins. It’s a waiting game for the tide to turn.

protect investments

4 lessons from Marks on protecting capital

Company valuations will react differently to market conditions, and a stock priced for rapid growth in earnings may be most vulnerable during a market shock or downturn. Lessons are drawn from Howard Marks.


6 checks on whether acquisitions create value

Companies always boast the synergies and growth prospects of acquisitions, but dig a little deeper with these questions and you might see why most of these deals fail to add value when finally bedded down.

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