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Fidante Partners  forms long term alliances with talented investment teams to create, support and grow specialist asset management businesses. Our deep experience in asset management, extensive network of investor relationships and solid operational infrastructure enables these teams to focus on what they do bestmanage money. Our boutique asset managers include: Alphinity Investment Management, Ardea Investment Management,  Avenir Capital, Kapstream Capital, Greencape Capital, Lennox Capital Partners,  Merlon Capital Partners,  NovaPort Capital, WaveStone Capital. For more information, see

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How is 2019 different from 2018?

The rise in bond rates in the US in 2018 has tilted investment opportunities away from the easy choice of collecting higher dividends on shares, and now, greater prudence is required.


There’s more to bonds than buy and hold

Bond investing is not only buy and hold and traditional return sources such as income, changing yields and duration. Relative value identifies market inefficiencies and uses risk management techniques in all market conditions.


2018: an SAA odyssey

The movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey, not only took a journey into the future, it glimpsed many technologies that are now with us. It’s time to look ahead to future asset allocations.

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Hype Cycle – Is it too soon to buy?

Equity markets as well as other risk assets have corrected in the fourth quarter of 2018 and the question on everyone’s mind is: “Is it too soon to buy or should we even sell into this decline?”

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The Boutique Advantage

A study of the Australian boutique funds management industry finds that investment teams within ’boutique’ funds have outperformed both their benchmarks and their non‐boutique peers over time.

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