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Edition 302 | 19 April 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
SMSFs avoid franking loss, 3 key bank risks, super changes, investing like sport, Asia drives real assets, BBB bond worries, ETF thematic investing.

Edition 301 | 12 April 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Election set, Phil King on longs and shorts, dividend sustainability, legal cases hit SMSF trustees and auditors, infrastructure, private equity.

Edition 300 – Budget 2019 | 3 Apr 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Budget Edition 300 direct from the Lockup, Josh Frydenberg hands down an election budget to coincide with the 300th newsletter from Cuffelinks.

Edition 299 | 29 Mar 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Franking tax pool update, super’s illiquid and unlisted assets, why hold bonds, wealth preservation, Ruthven on housing, LRBA, 5G, new advice model.

Edition 298 | 22 Mar 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Housing impact of Labor’s negative gearing policy, Reserve Bank on cash and climate, getting out of Australia, Howard Marks, home equity, ESG, bonds.

Edition 297 | 15 Mar 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Hayne challenges all advice, marketplace lending face off, sole purpose test confusion, stop dividend focus, new Pension Loans Scheme, more on franking.

Edition 296 | 8 Mar 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
84% oppose Labor franking, pension worse off, Chris Bowen reply, industrial property, recession risk, Int Women’s Day, ethical investing, Feb results.

Edition 295 | 1 Mar 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Large funds may also lose franking refunds, what is taxable income? insider on Hayne, asset allocation, high yield bonds, find the S-curve, the cloud.

Edition 294 | 22 Feb 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Your opinions on Hayne, how to retain income after Labor franking, global ETFs, check your fund manager, Aussie deleveraging, 3 tech worries, HYSay.

Edition 293 | 15 Feb 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Henry versus Hayne, franking credits made easy, RC survey and podcast, Marks on volatility, 10 ESG factors, 5G wins and losses, populism, 2019 v 2018 mix.

Edition 292 | 8 Feb 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Royal Commission fallout, Noel Whittaker on Hayne’s mistake, LICs stay at discounts, 5 SMSF mistakes, founder mindset, Active ETFs, Have Your Say.

Hayne Royal Commission coverage | 4 Feb 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Highlights of the Royal Commission Final Report but what did it miss? Ruthven on when problems started; where to for wealth management and culture?

Edition 291 | 1 Feb 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Value of forecasts, bond face-off: Chin versus Rochford, know what you own, Howard Marks on tax, ASX trends, deluded expectations, tax notices coming?

Edition 290 | 25 Jan 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Wasted effort chasing stock picks, Ralston on franking, Montgomery’s big rule, vale Jack Bogle, Prugue’s manifesto, super choices, what is risk?

Summer Series

Edition 289 | 18 Jan 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Why the fuss about PC’s Best in Show? Thornhill on buying shares, final Summer Series articles with Bryce Doherty, ETF yearly reviews.

Edition 288 | 11 Jan 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Where to in 2019 for asset allocation? Summer Series, Tim Keegan chooses classics from Cuffe, Montgomery, Whittaker and Bell. Gail Kelly on gifting.

Edition 287 | 4 Jan 2019 | Editorial | Newsletter
Market performance plus 2018 highlights in free ebook. Summer Series Guest Editor Alex Vynokur with focus on indexing and ETFs. Labor franking. LICs.

Edition 286 | 28 Dec 2018 | Editorial | Newsletter
EOY Special: Free ebook of 2018 highlights, collection from Royal Commission, Guest Editor Warren Bird picks his favourites, Have Your Say, free app.

Edition 285 | 21 Dec 2018 | Editorial | Newsletter
Our free app for an ‘Appy Christmas; Summer Series Guest Editor Pilar Gomez-Bravo picks her favourites from our archive. Next week: Best of 2018.

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