The ‘new normal’ and demographic change

Using interactive graphics, we can model the impact of changing demographics on economic growth for all major countries. Will lower growth become the ‘new normal’ due to an ageing population?

Think about risks as well as returns

We focus far more on the return from our investments rather than the risk, and we should watch for leverage or high risk-taking and expect to be rewarded for it to pay for the added risk.

Bonds have a role in managing inflation risks

Investors should not shun bonds in their portfolios due to a misunderstanding about the potential for earnings to grow at least in line with inflation. Fixed income has a role in inflation risk management.

Financial education and thanks to Noel Whittaker

Noel Whittaker kindly did a great write up of Cuffelinks in his own newsletter, which led to a surge in new registrations. He said, “The people behind Cuffelinks have high integrity, top skills, a great reputation, and share my passion for financial education. I know you will gain a lot from becoming a subscriber.” Noel’s excellent free newsletter has been published for 15 years, and you can subscribe on, where he also has several useful calculators.

We’ll live longer, but what will it be like?

After the age of 65, most people will spend over half of the rest of their lives with some disability or high level dependency. If ever you needed an incentive to save more and stay fit for your retirement, that has to be it.

What’s going on in Australian equities?

With the market hitting a five-year high this week, it’s a good opportunity to pause and examine the performance of the 11 sectors that make up the ASX: what’s worked, what’s lagged and what’s just plodding along?

Living within one’s means

Australia in 2014 is the lowest taxed nation in the developed world. Facing ten years of budget deficits, is the Abbott Government unwilling to raise tax rates, or will Joe Hockey make us share the pain come budget time?

Squiggly lines and lessons in market timing

Obviously it’s best to sell high and buy low, but in the irrational world of stock markets, the past may offer little guide to the future. The most we can realistically expect is to learn how to tilt the odds in our favour.

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