How much income tax do you pay?

There’s an ongoing debate about income inequality and personal income tax. Looking at the numbers, 45% of Australian adults pay no personal income tax, while 1.5% of adults pay 26% of income tax.

Surviving in a fat-tail world

Nassim Taleb argues we live in a fat-tail world where extreme events are common, while our ability to predict them is nil. Superannuation funds should run extreme stress tests and manage the results.

The Keith Ambachtsheer Interview

One of the world’s leading pensions experts discusses the obligations of trustees, the design of pensions, the responsibility to actively manage a portfolio, and how to handle a low interest rate environment.

Introduction to Burton Malkiel

Burton Malkiel is author of the classic A Random Walk Down Wall Street, now in its 10th edition since 1973, and eight other books on investing. Here’s a summary of his views on markets and valuing stocks.

The Burton Malkiel Interview

“I would not buy a bond index fund today, because I think they’re going to get killed. I don’t like lifecycle funds, they’re putting 80% into the securities that are going to give people an enormous amount of trouble.”

How I manage the Third Link money

Cuffelinks does not promote specific investment products, but in recognition of its five year track record, here’s an explanation of how Chris Cuffe manages the Third Link Growth Fund. It’s generated almost $2 million for charity.

Retiring with dignity

Retiring is coming later and later in life, and given that most jobs are now cerebral rather than physical, the only way to wear the brain out is to stop using it! Retiring closer to 80 years of age in 2100 will probably be the norm.

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