Education not just legislation

Australians should be creating a comprehensive financial plan to live within their means. It may turn out badly unless we teach skills at an early age and incorporate financial planning into our education system.

From The Economist: The rise of smart beta

Both The Economist and The Financial Times have recently run articles on ‘smart beta’, suggesting it is time for all pension trustees to consider the merits of this alternative to traditional indexing and active funds.

What’s it worth?

Price is what you pay for something, but value is what you will receive and the value will ultimately determine your return. Your job as an investor then, is to own shares that are worth more than you paid for them.


Paternalism is not a dirty word

While it would be preferable if disengaged investors became more aware of their superannuation, it is an unrealistic expectation. A degree of paternalism is necessary in the design of defaults.

Super funds must balance leadership and consensus

When a fund is open to the public, there is a dilution of the influence of those who were ‘looking after’ their members – unions and employers. Super funds may need to better balance leadership and consensus management styles.

physical gold

Is gold broken?

Falling gold prices this year have scared off many gold investors, and traditional financial asset buyers are unlikely to return in time for a rally.

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