Australia joins the PIIGS

Australian 10 year bond rates, once yielding 5% less than PIIGS countries Italy and Spain, are now trading at the same rates. Surely we are not squealing down at their level.

In Boston, new ideas and evolving organisms

A presentation or panel discussion is time well-spent if you can extract one new idea, and in Boston, a few were surprisingly original, including that it is better to think of the economy as a biological organism.

Insights from Maxsted and Neilson

Chairman of Westpac, Lyndsay Maxsted, was refreshingly open at a recent Morningstar retail conference, and Kerr Neilson pleaded with investors to control their emotional responses to markets and stay the course.

Premature talk of bubble trouble

Australia may not be facing a stockmarket or property bubble right now, but there are early signs of concern. It’s worth knowing what to look for and safeguarding against personal loss.

Top 10 tips to find great small companies

Small cap companies outperform their large cap peers over the long term and are a great way of adding diversification. But there are hundreds of small companies to choose from, and it’s important to find the quality.

Would you invest in this emerging market?

Emerging markets, with their explosive growth and vibrant opportunities, can offer great returns if you’re comfortable with the inherent risks. What happens as they mature and where are the new markets today?

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