life expectancy

The financial life cycle paradox

Living longer does not necessarily translate into financial freedom. The hope is that you can work longer and therefore have more savings for your retirement, but people have less income-earning years.

Managing for real returns

There is a significant leadership opportunity for super funds to manage real return risk, where the inflation risk represents a potential erosion of retirement outcomes.

What export boom?

This will challenge your way of thinking: Australia is one of the smallest exporters as a percentage of GDP in the world, and therefore one of the least reliant on exports for our national income. But we’re addicted to imports.

Health check for end-of-year tax planning

It’s time to conduct a detailed financial review of your tax affairs, focusing on your marginal tax rate, delaying receipts and advancing expenditures. Two weeks from now, it will be too late for another year.

Overview of global fund investment trends

The big global trends in funds management are a move from equities to fixed interest, from active to index, a reduction in fund commissions, and increased dominance of the biggest managers.

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