Michael Porter’s Social Progress Index


The Social Progress Imperative asserts that traditional indicators of economic growth do not tell the whole story of a country’s progress. See background on the Social Progress Index here.

The general happiness and wellbeing of a country do not always correlate with its economic indicators. The SPI looks at outcomes directly rather than proxies for wealth or GDP. Each component is calculated based on specific outcomes, and the researchers believe this framework will help businesses to articulate their own impact.

No country scores in the top half for all 12 components of the Social Progress Index, which are:

  • Nutrition and Basic Medical Care
  • Air, Water and Sanitation
  • Shelter
  • Personal Safety
  • Access to Basic Knowledge
  • Access to Information and Communication
  • Health and Wellness
  • Ecosystem Sustainability
  • Personal Rights
  • Access to Higher Education
  • Personal Freedom and Choice
  • Equity and Inclusion.


Interesting to see Australia’s scores on the individual factors. Third for ‘Opportunity’, but only 15th for ‘Foundations of Wellbeing’, mainly due to a poor score on ‘ecosystem sustainability’.





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