Inside Investing, Podcast Episode #4


Welcome to the fourth episode of Inside Investing.

James Marlay, co founder of Livewire Markets, and I take you inside the investing world we experience each week. Inside Investing Episode 4 features:

  • Retail revival and market’s bearish stance
  • Goals based investing changes the question on investing objectives
  • Global investing and the top-performing LICs
  • The Australian housing market
  • The Future Generation Investment Forum
  • A feature on short selling
  • How those pesky bikes might make money (check the image below)
  • A practical use for Bitcoin

Please click on the podcast, and links to the articles are listed below. All Inside Investing podcasts are available on iTunes here.

Links to articles mentioned

Time to switch back into retail?

Will Australian house prices crash?

What real estate agents don’t tell you

LIC update: benefits of international exposure

Future Generation Investment Forum

Ignore the rise of short selling at your peril

A cottage that is heated for free with bitcoin mining

Chinese bike share graveyard a monument to industry’s ‘arrogance’

Photograph: Chen Zixiang for the Guardian

Thousands of share bikes laid to rest in the south-eastern Chinese city of Xiamen.

Photograph: Chen Zixiang for the Guardian

Livewire Markets 

The content on Livewire complements Cuffelinks as it has a greater focus on stock picking, often sharing the ideas of prominent fund managers in an entertaining video format. Livewire publishes each day and for those of you managing your own portfolios, it can give new investment ideas and thoughts to start the day. For Cuffelinks readers not familiar with Livewire, I recommend visiting their website and registering for the daily newsletter.


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