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Structural shifts in Australian real estate

The proliferation of online shopping has heralded a structural shift in Australian listed real estate and poses challenges for the passive investor whose portfolio returns depend, in part, on history repeating itself.

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Five charts to watch on the global economy

No one really knows for sure whether a recession is imminent, but certain indicators help provide some guidance as to the risks. This note looks at five charts to monitor in terms of the state of the global economy.

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Nine keys to successful investing

This edition of Oliver’s Insights looks at nine keys to successful investing, including the power of compound interest, long-term horizons, diversification, ignoring market noise and obtaining advice.

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Five great charts on investing

These five charts illuminate key aspects of investing: the power of compound interest; the investment cycle; the roller coaster of investor emotion; the wall of worry; and time is on your side.

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Japanese investors flock to real assets

The institutional investment environment in Japan is undergoing a transformation. This paper examines the factors that AMP Capital believes will result in Japanese investors increasingly allocating to real assets.

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Why gender diversity really matters

As recently as the 1990s, all-male boards were accepted as the norm. This has changed and improving gender diversity has since progressed beyond being seen as ‘right’ to being the ‘smart’ and ‘necessary’ thing to do.

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Active Exchange Traded Managed Funds

Considered to be the next evolution of exchange traded products, ETMFs allow direct and SMSF investors to access active management in the same way as buying and selling shares via a broker.

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The Australian housing market

Shane Oliver of AMP Capital writes on the outlook for the Australian housing market, including the surging unit supply, the economy and what it all means for investors.

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Sponsor White Paper: SMSF trends and challenges

Part 1 in a three-part series examines the strategies and investment trends currently adopted by SMSF Trustees, and explains a shift from a traditional mix of investments to more diversification in times of volatility.

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