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Cuffelinks includes this ‘White Papers’ section to allow our sponsors to share their longer research or opinion pieces with our audience without editing or comment by us. They are provided for general education purposes and do not address the specific needs or circumstances of any investor.

Wikipedia defines a White Paper as “an authoritative report or guide informing in a concise manner about a complex issue and presenting the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.”

White Papers contributed by our sponsors

BetaShares Australian ETF Review – May 2019 – BetaShares Capital

From assets to income: A goals-based approach to retirement spending – Vanguard Investments Australia

How are Active ETFs different from other funds? – Fidelity

Global ETF Review Quarter 1, 2019 – BetaShares Capital

Seasonal patterns: sell in May and go away? – AMP Capital

Investing today for tomorrow’s needs – AMP Capital

Known unknowns: Uncertainty, volatility and the odds of recession – Vanguard Investments Australia

Market performance has changed since late 2018, but have the facts? – MFS Investment Management

The 2019 Australian Federal election and investors – AMP Capital

Fixed income: a diversified array of investments – Perpetual

How Australia Saves 2019 – Vanguard Investments Australia

ASX-listed bond and hybrid rate sheet – NAB/Nabtrade

The Financial Power of Women – Fidelity

Analysis of Labor’s dividend imputation proposal – Colonial First State

Vanguard ETF Quarterly Report – Vanguard Investments Australia

China: Taking the lead, driving the global economy – UBS Asset Management

Hype Cycle – Is it too soon to buy? – by Fidante Partners

A list of lists on the 2019 investment outlook – AMP Capital

Top 10 most exotic SMSF investments – SuperConcepts

2019 and a shifting emphasis from return to risk – MFS Investment Management

The Australian economy in 2019 – house prices, growth and interest rates – AMP Capital

Physical impacts of climate change – by Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Infrastructure: private versus listed opportunities – UBS Asset Management

13 common sense tips to help manage your finances – AMP Capital

Australian ETF Review – October 2018 – BetaShares Capital

2018 Responsible Investment Report – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Global insights: volatility brings opportunity  |  Quarterly market insights: October 2018 – Perpetual

The value of additional aged care advice – Challenger Limited

Five charts to watch on the global economy – AMP Capital

Robots and AI: a new global investment trend – BetaShares Capital

Ethical considerations in the technology sector – MFS Investment Management

Your investment palette – Pension Fund Indicators 2018 – UBS Asset Management

Managing capital gains to maximise exempt income – Accurium

Asset Allocation Report June 2018 – Vanguard Investments Australia

2018 Australian Securitisation Investor Report – Perpetual

Increasing opportunity: private and listed infrastructure markets – UBS Asset Management

Disruptive technologies drive new opportunities in commercial real estate – Legg Mason

Transition to retirement income streams … a comprehensive guide – Accurium

Nine keys to successful investing – AMP Capital

Truths about indexing – Vanguard Investments Australia

American infrastructure exceptionalism – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Panorama: Opportunities in a maturing cycle – UBS Asset Management

Dawn of the Urban Epoch – MFS Investment Management

Mapping markets: outlook from 10 portfolio managers – Insight Investment

Volatility and how we review asset allocations – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Will the real fixed income please stand up? – UBS Asset Management

SMSF Investment Patterns Survey March 2018 – SuperConcepts

Quarterly fixed income and currency outlook – Insight Investment

Portfolio diversification via real estate – Folkestone

Australian Exchange Traded Fund Industry: Summary April 2018 – BetaShares

The future of real estate – UBS Asset Management

Budget 2018: News and views from our Sponsors – Various

Retirement really is different – Challenger

Guide to core-satellite investing – Vanguard

Falling Sydney and Melbourne home prices – is this the crash? – AMP Capital

2018 Responsible Investment Report – Insight Investment

A tale of two styles: value and growth – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Big Data is fuelling the revolution in AI – Magellan Asset Management

Autonomous vehicles: the real investment opportunity – AMP Capital

Time to align investment horizons – MFS Investment Management

Opportunities with ‘bear’ and ‘hybrid’ ETFs – BetaShares

Make America Great Again – listed infrastructure has a plan – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Positive Gearing: a different kind, with no margin calls – nabtrade

2018 Active Outlook for Australian Equities – Legg Mason

2018 – a list of lists on the investment outlook – AMP Capital

Investment opportunities for 2018 – Insight Investment

Bond wars: The battle of alpha and beta – Legg Mason

Vanguard economic and market outlook for 2018 – Vanguard

Using investment bonds to fund education – Centuria

Amazon: Lessons from the US for Australian retail – Legg Mason

Why sustainability matters for listed infrastructure – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Emerging markets: Harnessing currency returns – Insight Investment

Global sector ETF review and a guide on ETF trading – BetaShares

Behavioural factors in SMSF asset allocation – SuperConcepts with the University of Adelaide, and the SMSF Centre of Excellence

A framework for active-passive allocations – Vanguard

Australian ETF industry summary – Sept 2017 – BetaShares

4 common SMSF mistakes to avoid – SuperConcepts

SMSF Retirement Insights: SMSFs treading water – Accurium and SMSF Association

Young Australians turning to shares to build wealth – nabtrade

Robots, Artificial Intelligence and the future of jobs – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Retirement transitions in four countries – Vanguard

SMSF Investment Patterns Survey June 2017 – SuperConcepts

Driverless vehicles are here – Magellan Asset Management

Seniors living becoming a mainstream investment option – Folkestone

Global listed infrastructure securities: Past, present, future – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Five great charts on investing – AMP Capital

The Boutique Advantage – Fidante Partners

Australian ETF review – half year 2017 – BetaShares

Super rules have changed. Have your opportunities changed as well? – Centuria

2017 Responsible Investment and Stewardship Report – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

How Australia saves – Vanguard

Tips to optimise your super before and after 30 June 2017 – nabtrade

Decision charts making sense of the superannuation reforms – Accurium

Japanese investors flock to real assets – AMP Capital

Australian ETF Review April 2017 – BetaShares

SMSF Investment Patterns Survey, March 2017 – SuperConcepts

Black Sky Report 2017 – AMP Capital

Population projections and planning for infrastructure – Folkestone

Travel Diary: Made in Japan – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Corporate Governance Report: ESG risks and new trends in sustainable investing – AMP Capital

Reporting season wrap and outlook, March 2017 – BT Investment Management

State of the financial services industry 2017 – Financial Services Council & UBS Asset Management

SMSF Trustees – healthier, wealthier and living longer – Accurium

SMSF Investment Patterns Survey, December 2016 – SuperConcepts

How active are Australian equity funds? – Owners Advisory by Macquarie

Infrastructure investments: Investing in communication towers – Magellan Asset Management

Gender diversity: The real reason we are still talking about it – AMP Capital

SMSF Insights: SMSF Report December 2016 – Financial Services Council & UBS Asset Management

2017 economic and market outlook: Stabilisation, not stagnation – Vanguard Investments Australia

Active Exchange Traded Managed Funds – AMP Capital

The how and why of investing in agriculture – BetaShares

The custom fitted individual as the future of financial advice – Owners Advisory by Macquarie

Infrastructure investments: Investing in airports – Magellan Asset Management

SMSF Investment Patterns Survey, Sept 2016 – SuperConcepts

Guiding members safely down a path in retirement – Challenger and KPMG

The Australian housing market – AMP Capital

How to trade exchange traded products: A practical guide for investors – BetaShares

Non-concessional cap: More proposed changes – Colonial First State

What did we learn from the A-REIT reporting season? – Folkestone

Making the most of 1 January 2017 Assets Test changes – Challenger

Ageing, it happens. So how do we profit from it? – Owners Advisory by Macquarie

The continuing search for growth – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

SMSF Retirement Insights, Volume 5: Are trustees prepared for retirement? – Accurium and SMSF Association

Close correlations of the oil kind – UBS

Exchange traded managed funds: What you need to know – AMP Capital

Tax-effective investing – alternative structures – Centuria Life

Managed risk series: Navigating challenging markets – BetaShares Capital

Infrastructure and the tangible value of time – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Ten-year asset class returns – What does the “new normal” mean for investors? – FIIG Securities

From feast to famine: how emerging markets are creating a global savings shortfall – UBS

SMSFs and banks: Should I stay or should I go now? – Owners Advisory by Macquarie

Commercial property: Where’s the rent growth? – AMP Capital

Your SMSF year-end checklist – SuperConcepts

Even lower for even longer – UBS

Equity Infrastructure Valuations – AMP Capital

Responsible Investment and Stewardship – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

SMSF Investment Patterns Survey March 2016 – SuperConcepts

First Insights, April 2016 – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Using a bucket strategy to maximise your client’s SMSF balance in the face of market volatility – Accurium

Apple Inc – Looking beyond the device game – Magellan Asset Management

Retirement calculators – the flaw of averages – Challenger Limited

Black Sky report 2016, Part 1: SMSFs – Trends and challenges – AMP Capital

Tactical asset management: a cornerstone of active portfolio management – Betashares Capital

Real estate outlook 2016: Navigating the road ahead – Folkestone

Greenhouse gas emissions: Risks and challenges for portfolios – AMP Capital

Looking for income? Bonds are a true provider – FIIG Securities

SMSF Retirement Insights: Pension strategies for SMSF retirees – Accurium

Smart cities and the future of cities, February 2016 – Folkestone

First Insights, January 2016 – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Beware of Quantitative Tightening – Magellan Asset Management

Tax-effective alternatives to superannuation – Centuria Life

Releasing the pressure – BT Investment Management

Equity risk in retirement: Spinning the chocolate wheel in retirement – Challenger Limited

Investment Bonds and annuities in aged care – Centuria Life

Fixing your approach to Fixed Interest – BT Investment Management

Hybrids: Delve deeper into the asset class – FIIG Securities

Private equity real estate – adapting to the cycle and the future – Folkestone

SMSF – A guide to fixed income investing in a volatile environment – AMP Capital

The Yield Report 2015 – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

SMSF Retirement Insights: Bridging the prosperity gap – Accurium

The Great Transition – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

The rebalancing of the assets test – Accurium

What makes the fundamental index methodology work? – Research Affiliates and Betashares.

Intimate with Self-Managed Superannuation, 2015 – SMSF Association and nabtrade

Real Estate Outlook, July 2015: This Time It’s Different – Is It Really? – Folkestone

Being an investor – Magellan Asset Management

Improving access to the Corporate Bond Market for retail investors – Australian Centre for Financial Studies for National Australia Bank

The role of asset allocation in navigating the retirement risk zone – FINSIA

Black Sky Report – The SMSF Opportunity – AMP Capital

Using Investment Bonds for tax-effective investing – Centuria Life

Investor Insights: Searching for growth outside of Australian equities – Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Strategies for Managing Investment Risk in Retirement – BetaShares Capital

2015 Smart Income Report – FIIG Securities

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