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The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) has some excellent investing and superannuation resources, and this ASIC section is dedicated to their content.

The material is selected by Cuffelinks and while ASIC is comfortable that this content be shared, it is not formally endorsing Cuffelinks or our selection.

ASIC will provide articles throughout the year exclusively for Cuffelinks readers, and in turn, we will highlight new material such as research papers, regulatory announcements, calculators and other tools developed by ASIC.

The ASIC material selected by Cuffelinks is divided into three sections on this page:

  1. Calculators, featuring a retirement planner, superannuation calculator and optimiser, compound interest, financial adviser register and reverse mortgage calculator.
  2. Resources on investing, planning and retirement to help plan for a better future.
  3. Research articles and speeches, some written exclusively for Cuffelinks.

1. Calculators

Super & retirement calculators

Investment calculators

Budgeting & saving calculators

Money health calculators & unclaimed money search

Mortgage calculators

2. Resources on investing, superannuation and finding an adviser

ASIC articles

Click on any of these links to find the ASIC content.


3. Research articles and speeches

ASIC ResearchCuffelinks articles written by ASIC

Other useful ASIC articles and speeches

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