SMSFs treading water

SMSF Retirement Insights: SMSFs treading water, September 2017.

A check up on the financial health of SMSF trustees heading into retirement.

Executive summary

  • Despite small gains in balances, investment returns will be lower for longer and many SMSFs are further away from achieving their retirement goals than previously.
  • The amount needed for a 65-year-old couple to afford a comfortable retirement (as defined by ASFA) has increased by 17% from $702,000 to $824,000.
  • 66% of 65-year-old SMSF couples can be confident of affording a comfortable retirement, down 4% on our results from last year.
  • 28% of 65-year-old SMSF couples can afford to spend $100,000 a year, which slightly up on last year.
  • More than half of SMSF retirees cannot be reasonably confident (80% probability) of achieving their desired lifestyle in retirement while around one quarter can be very confident (95%).
  • One in four are actually unlikely (less than 50% chance) to achieve their goals.

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