White Paper – SMSF Investment Patterns Survey March 2016

Investment patterns survey March 2016 coverSuperConcepts –  Investment Patterns Survey, March 2016

This report on SMSF investing trends is more accurate than the ATO data because it looks at the actual asset classes rather than broad categories such as ‘managed funds’. It shows SMSFs invest far more in global equities than the official data suggests, and they still have 30% invested in cash and fixed interest. SMSF trustees have also continued to reduce their exposure to the ASX’s top 10 stocks by market capitalisation as they maintain their search for greater yield and capital growth in a volatile market.

In the March 2016 quarter, investments in the ASX’s top 10 shares were significantly reduced from 20% of fund assets invested in 2015 to 14% at 31 March 2016. However, instead of investing in different asset classes, trustees are increasingly investing in mid and small cap stocks on the ASX.

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One Response to White Paper – SMSF Investment Patterns Survey March 2016

  1. SMSF Trustee May 12, 2016 at 10:07 PM #

    This is a very useful piece of work.

    It’s not just the ATO that distorts data by lumping ‘managed funds’ together as an asset class, rather than looking through the investment vehicle to the actual securities held in it. Morningstar do the same thing!

    I started to complete a survey they issued to subscribers recently, ostensibly to gather similar data to the AMP information reported here. I gave up after a few questions when it became obvious that they didn’t really care about my asset allocation. Using their criteria I only have two asset classes – shares and managed funds. That is, the 12% of my fund I hold in direct local shares is treated as my share allocation. But I also have another 18% in Australian shares in managed funds, some equity funds and some multi-asset funds. I also have 10% in property funds, but Morningstar’s survey wasn’t going to pick this up either.

    I expect better of a market leading investment industry research firm like Morningstar than that. As a user of the SuperConcepts Ascend system for my SMSF administration, I know that they do a daily look through and report my true asset allocation to me. Good to see the aggregate data across all their clients here.

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