FSC/UBS Asset Management SMSF Report

SMSF Insights: FSC/UBS Asset Management SMSF Report December 2016

Australian superannuation assets increased by 7.4% over 2015-16, totalling $2.15 trillion at the end of the September 2016 quarter.

This included $635.9 billion in SMSFs, leading the other major fund categories of Retail ($558.6b), Industry ($481.7b), and Public Sector ($231.9b). SMSFs recorded a solid 8% increase in the year 2015-2016.

This important study, commissioned by the Financial Services Council and UBS Asset Management, is now in its second year of profiling and explores the views of Australians with SMSFs. This report details the findings from the 2016 national online survey of 601 SMSF holders, and draws comparisons to 2015 results on key questions.


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