Sponsor White Paper: Black Sky Report – The SMSF Opportunity

Digital disruption is shaking up every industry and changing our perception of business. It is giving people and companies easier access to the entire world and the opportunities in it.

SMSFs are the fastest growing and largest segment in the Australian superannuation industry. AMP Capital has generated this report into the mindset of SMSF trustees and the opportunity for financial advisors. Most trustees want validation assistance and advice, they want control but not paperwork, most have unmet financial advice needs, they want to receive investment newsletters and they particularly like managed funds for global equities. AMP Capital has released a range of managed funds in its SMSF Suite to meet this need.

The full White Paper, Black Sky Report – The SMSF Opportunity, is available here.

Sponsor White Papers

Wikipedia defines a White Paper as “an authoritative report or guide informing in a concise manner about a complex issue and presenting the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.”

Cuffelinks includes this section to allow our sponsors to share their longer research or opinion pieces with our audience without editing or comment by us. They are provided for general education purposes and do not address the specific needs or circumstances of any investor.

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