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5 flexible features of Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts are not only an investment platform and administration system. They represent a flexible way to offer financial advice, with scale and transparency advantages, but watch the cost.

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25 questions to ask your financial adviser

A good financial adviser can become a life-long guide to financial security, which makes taking the time to select one a major part of an investor’s plan. Make it a two-way conversation and learn how the adviser works.


Greece: Scylla and Charybdis

Modern Greece faces an ancient dilemma: should it sail within reach of Scylla, the sea monster that lives in Brussels, to avoid Charybdis, the ‘sucking whirlpool’ that is the return of the drachma?

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Weddings and the power of compounding

Have you ever wondered what your financial situation would be if you’d had a more modest wedding all those years ago? A simple calculator tool is available to find out – but it might not be easy news to take.

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Survey of attitudes to taxing pension earnings

A survey of high net worth people – those who would be adversely affected by a tax on super earnings in pension phase – showed many were willing to accept such a policy, but not without a healthy level of qualification.

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Australia’s residential property boom

By many measures, Australian housing is overpriced, largely due to the restricted availability of land and low interest rates. What can the Government and the Reserve Bank do to prevent a bubble from forming?

In defence of asset-linked fees

The Future of Financial Advice reforms have substantially addressed poor practices in the industry, and there’s strong justification for different ways to charge fees for financial advice.