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The returns to expect from gearing into shares

How well must the market perform for a geared portfolio to deliver better returns than a normal, ungeared portfolio? Or put another way, if the market index rises or falls 10%, how much will a geared strategy change in value?

Property double stamp duty

* SMSF trustees could face double stamp duty if they buy properties in their own name at auction and then want the property held in their SMSF.

Institutions dominate ASX300

* Institutions (including superannuation funds and offshore investors) own 90.1% of the issued capital of Australia’s top 300 companies.

How not to run a pension

* How not to run a pension scheme. In California, just 10 individual pensioners will cash $50 million in pension checks from state and local governments over the next 25 years.

Self managed super’s best-kept secret

If ‘SMSF’ were a corporate brand, its marketing department would be the most successful in superannuation history. The major retail funds always had a strong response to SMSFs in their kit bag, but they didn’t explain it to enough customers.

Google trends looks at term deposits

Google searches for ‘term deposits’ peaked in late 2009, and since 2011 have been in steady decline. At the beginning of 2013, the searches for term deposits are at their lowest for five years.