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Reader Survey 2017

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Super complex: the advice gift keeps on giving

The increasing complexity of super would leave the fathers of Australia’s system wondering what has happened to their brainchild. Advisers and clients are struggling with the complexity before the looming deadlines.


Lessons for roboadvice in Centrelink debacle

Centrelink is facing a robo-debt backlash after using computers to check ATO records, replacing the usual human interaction. Likewise, roboadvice algorithms need to know more about the circumstances of clients.


Howard Marks on expert opinions as a coin toss

To kick off 2017, the latest memo from Howard Marks titled ‘Expert Opinion’ explains how forecasting is more art than science, and we give too much weight to many expert opinions which are little more than a 50-50 guess.


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Your best reads of 2016

It will soon be the time of year when people turn their mind to some casual reading and enjoy a quiet moment. Tell us the best book you read in 2016. It could be an oldie or a newie, but let’s get a reading list going.

Seniors tax and moving super

Seniors tax and moving money outside super

Given the proportion of people over 65 paying income tax has halved in the last 20 years, the structure of seniors tax may be next for reform. Should money be left inside or outside super for those who can access it?