One Response to Australia is the new Switzerland

  1. Wolfgang Bose June 28, 2013 at 12:51 PM #

    I happen to totally disagree with the comments above. Australia does not seem to have the foresight in tackling the important issue of China becoming an economic superpower in the not too distant future. In Australia you can see the dismantling of our manufacturing capacity very rapidly, which shows that the Government does not understand at all that our reliance on everything having to come from Overseas, ie. oil, cars, machinery, clothing,household goods – you name it, will one day “bite us”. The strong Countries in this World are the one’s who have a strong manufacturing base, the weak Countries are the one’s who changed their Economic views, that it is totally o.k. to import everything. I wish Australia would change their views even if it would mean to “protect” our manufacturing Industries. Wolfgang Bose

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