Media Coverage of Cuffelinks

(From April 2015, we have stopped reporting when Cuffelinks is mentioned in the media and industry newsletters because this has become a frequent event).

BRW, 29 January 2013: Chris Cuffe turns publisher with ‘Cuffelinks’ online newsletter

IO&C Newsletter, 29 January 2013: Cuffe and mates get together for investment publishing venture

Leading Company, 29 January 2013: Lauded investor Chris Cuffe to launch financial publishing venture

The Australian Financial Review, 29 January 2013: Chris Cuffe to launch online financial newsletter

Australian School of Business Alumni Bulletin, February 2013: Chris Cuffe (BCom ’81) and ASB Alumni Leader, launches financial publishing venture

ABC Online, 12 February 2013:

ABC Television, The Business Series 2013, 12 February 2013:

BRW, 27 February 2013: Superannuation’s forgotten tax breaks (quotes extensively from Cuffelinks article)

Sky News, Your Money Your Call, 8 March 2013: Chris Cuffe discusses

Radio 2GB, 13 March 2013: Ross Greenwood interviews Chris Cuffe.

Wilson Asset Management Newsletter, 28 March 2013.

Select Asset Management Newsletter, 5 April 2013.

Magellan Asset Management Newsletter, 10 April 2013.

Superguide June 2013 Newsletter, reprint of Cuffelinks article on who pays income tax.

The Motley Fool, 3 ways to diversify your portfolio, 6 August 2013, linking to Cuffelinks article.

Roger Montgomery’s Newsletter announces he will be writing online exclusively for Cuffelinks, 9 August 2013.

BRW report on Ashley Owen’s article in Cuffelinks, 9 August 2013.

Sydney Morning Herald, Weekend Business, 31 August 2013, Property spruikers scent big opportunity in super.

The Australian Financial Review, 21 September 2013, ‘Equity gains lose their lustre in the cold light of inflation

The Australian Financial Review, 7 October 2013,Think US won’t default? It has before: three times.’ 

Noel Whittaker’s Monthly Newsletter, ‘Property versus shares, great reference to Cuffelinks article.

Noel Whittaker’s Monthly Newsletter, 10 December 2013: “I would urge you to take out a free subscription to Cuffelinks. They produce a fabulous weekly newsletter that is packed full of independent, competent financial advice.”

ABC News, The Drum, 15 January 2014, Home buyer beware: the illusion of affordability, includes extract from Roger Montgomery Cuffelinks article.

Investor Strategy News, 27 January 2014. ‘Cuffelinks gets down and dirty with markets analysis.’

Roger Montgomery’s commentary quotes from Ashley Owen’s Cuffelinks article, 7 February 2014.

Vanguard Australia, 6 February 2014, quotes from David Bell’s Cuffelinks article on procrastination.

The Australian Financial Review, 10 February 2014, quotes from Ashley Owen’s Cuffelinks article,Wild ride ahead as earnings season picks up’.

Money Management, 18 February 2014, reproduce Cuffelinks article by Andrew Gale, ‘Planning for post-retirement outcomes’.

Australian Property Institute NSW Technical Update, March 2014, page 9, reproduces Graham Hand’s SMSF property spruiking article.

The Australian Financial Review, 19 March 2014, quotes from Paul Keating’s article in Cuffelinks,How SMSFs become the vehicle of choice‘.

FINSIA Newsletter, March 2014, republishes Cuffelinks article by Harry Chemay, ‘The 4% Rule for retirement withdrawals may be too high‘.

Wilson Asset Management Newsletter, 28 March 2014, Article comparing LICs and ETFs. 

Noel Whittaker’s Monthly Newsletter, April 2014, recommends his readers should subscribe to Cuffelinks: “The people behind Cuffelinks have high integrity, top skills, a great reputation, and share my passion for financial education.”

FINSIA Weekly Newsletter, INFINANCE WEEKLY, 17 April 2014, republishes Warren Bird’s article, ‘Bonds have a role in managing inflation risk‘.

Nixon Drexler Advisory Newsletter, Taking Stock April 2014 Update, recommends Cuffelinks to its clients.

Banking Day daily newsletter, 31 July 2014, quotes Graham Hand on banking funding.

Wilson Asset Management Newsletter, 1 August 2014, article on small cap underperformance.

Monica Rule’s SMSF Newsletter, August 2014, article on the bring forward rule.

‘The Great Fee Debate’, article by Jonathan Rochford from Cuffelinks reproduced on 18 August 2014 in Investment Magazine.

Advice, The Australian Journal of Financial Planning, (, September 2014, quotes Graham Hand of Cuffelinks in article, ‘Mending SMSF advice gone wrong’, page 10.

‘Why we can’t resist tactical asset allocation, article by Chris Cuffe reproduced on 6 October 2014 in Investment Magazine.

Cadence Capital Limited, September 2014 Newsletter, report on Karl Siegling article in Cuffelinks.

SMSF Owners’ Alliance Newsletter, October 2014, suggests SMSF trustees should subscribe to Cuffelinks and quotes from Graham Hand’s presentation.

ABC News, 15 October 2014, quotes Cuffelinks article by Nick Sherry on complexity in superannuation.

ABC News Online, 15 October 2014, links to Cuffelinks and quotes from Nick Sherry’s article.

Alan Kohler’s Eureka Report (behind a paywall), 18 October 2014, links to Cuffelinks and Nick Sherry’s article.

Wilson Asset Management, Newsletter 17 October 2014, links to Chris Stott’s article in Cuffelinks on LICs.

ABC News Online, Business, 4 December 2014, quotes Graham Hand on what is likely to happen in the Financial System Inquiry.

FPA Express, 20 January 2015, Financial Planning Association’s Newsletter, link to Cuffelinks Showcase 2014.

New Matilda News Digest, 22 February 2015, “Will your money last as long as you do?”.

Australian Financial Review, 23 February 2015, ‘Lower rates drive SMSFs to shares’, quotes from Hugh Dive’s article in Cuffelinks.

The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald quote from Roger Montgomery’s Cuffelinks article, 2 March 2015

ABC News, 12 March 2015, quotes from Garry Weaven’s Cuffelinks article on superannuation and infrastructure.

Australian Financial Review, 13 March 2015, report on Phil Ruthven’s Cuffelinks article on market opportunities.

New Matilda News Digest, 12 March 2015, publishes Chris Cuffe’s article on estate planning.

Self Managed Super Funds Owners Alliance (SMSFOA) March 2015 Newsletter features extracts from Cuffelinks’ superannuation articles.

Money Magazine 25 May 2015 examines Chris Cuffe’s Third Link Fund, and mentions his role as a Director of Cuffelinks.

New Matilda, 12 June 2015, publishes Graham Hand’s article, ‘Superannuation Changes Are Coming’.

The Australian newspaper, 21 July 2015, ‘Wider horizon for DIY funds: true story of SMSF diversification’ quotes Graham Hand’s article on SMSFs investing overseas (behind paywall).

Graham Hand appeared on Sky Business programme, ‘Money Management’ on 24 September 2015, discussing roboadvice and asset allocation.

Vanguard Newsletter, quotes Cuffelinks research on SMSF global allocations in Exposure to overseas shares: beyond the bare statistics.’

ABC Radio National, AM Programme, Graham Hand discusses superannuation, 3 May 2016.

ABC News quotes from Graham Hand’s article on super fund performance, 21 July 2016.

WYZA Newsletter, 28 August 2016, publishes Graham Hand’s article on Scott Morrison’s Bloomberg Address on superannuation.

(With a few exceptions, we have stopped updating this section as mentions have become so frequent).



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