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Thornhill responds on dividends and Buffett

Author and university lecturer, Peter Thornhill, has been part of a lively conversation in our comments section as a result of Ashley Owen’s article on dividends. He produced this chart to expand his argument. 

Aussie bond yields

Why are Aussie bond yields at lowest ever?

Australian bond rates are now lower than during recessions and depressions of the past, but it’s not driven by local fundamentals. The world of interest rates is in a place it’s never been before in history.

commodity prices

Commodity prices rescue 2019 Budget

The Budget surplus in the 2018-19 year is mainly due to fortuitous tax revenue gains from the mining boom. In the past five years, government spending has risen by an incredible 21%.

Newsletter archive 2018

Edition 284 | 14 Dec 2018 | Editorial | Newsletter 2019 is time for caution, Evans, Oliver, Montgomery on TV, investing lessons from 40 years, 8 SMSF hints, longevity, global survey, post-retirement. Edition 283 | 7 Dec 2018 | Editorial | Newsletter RoCo’s two defining moments, inside Chris Cuffe’s portfolio, how SMSFs can avoid Labor’s franking policy, flaws in fund numbers, Asian property, POAs. Edition 282 | 30 Nov 2018 | Editorial | Newsletter Inside view from top of CBA, retrospective tax, RCR collapse lessons, conflicted awards for funds, acquisition value, fintechs, advisers and seniors. Edition 281 | 23 Nov […]


The end of six wonderful years for investing

There are enough negative factors in play to suggest great caution with asset allocation in portfolios, as a wonderful run of results for investors came to an end in 2018. Here are four common factors in market collapses.

big banks

The sorry tale of our big banks

The history of the Big Four banks is littered with bad strategies by overpaid executives, taxpayer-funded rescues and a lack of competition. As the banks clean up the Royal Commission mess, Macquarie has overall done better.


Why dividend yields in Australia are so high

Australian companies have a long and frustrating history of wasting billions of dollars of capital on overseas dreams, and institutional investors should be taking a harder line to protect their capital.

5th Anniversary Edition

Five Year Anniversary Edition

Chris Cuffe’s Top 10 articles from the first five years Co-founder of Cuffelinks, Chris Cuffe, has selected his favourite 10 articles for a free ebook. These articles are not necessarily the most popular or ground-breaking, but contributions which have stood the test of time and stuck in his mind. They have not been re-edited and should be read in the context of the date they were written. • Howard Marks on ‘Risk and How To Handle It Today’   Howard Marks • Where did SMSFs come from, and where are they going?   Paul Keating • Why we can’t resist tactical asset allocation  […]

Little room for error in equity markets now

Little room for error in equity markets now

Investors are complacent and expect double-digit profit growth to continue for many years, but the market consensus for EPS growth is now in dangerous territory with more downside potential than upside.

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